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Our Mission and Goals

Private Duty Assignment
for Pediatrics and Adults
Clinical Mission

The mission of CNHH is to provide complete care to the patient, ranging from the traditional therapies for diabetes, COPD, CHF, infusion, and wound care while pursuing relief of the recurrence of such disease processes that largely result from a lack of education on symptom management, lifestyle choices like nutrition, exercise and stress-relieving activities, as well as identifying fundamental change in the functional status of the patient. Learn more…

Patient Satisfaction Goal

Our goal is to be a resource to the patient and their family in dealing with an acute episode of care and to prevent recurrence through intervention and rehabilitation, education and self-care, but as importantly, relieving the stress for the patient and their caregiver in helping them to navigate an increasingly complex medical system. We do this by working in an inter-disciplinary approach with their primary outpatient attending physician, their inpatient attending physician, sub-specialty physician, and ancillary providers of care. We assign our staff to work with our patients in specific geographic areas so as to ensure the lines of communication are consistently reliable and if any patient does take a turn for the worse, we identify it more quickly, inform the patient and their caregiver of their options, and help them navigate their choice of provider to obtain a higher level of care rapidly.

We are Hiring LVNs and RNs
part time and full time
Quality Goal

We believe that achieving quality outcomes is based on attracting and retaining the best clinicians, nurses, therapists, etc., providing them the tools and administrative support to focus on the medical services they provide. A part of this retention is the security of having a company that is concerned about their well-being as much as the well-being of our patients. We want nurses to pick CNHH as their full-time agency and limit the use of per-diem or registry nursing to the greatest degree possible. That way you as the patient can see the same nurse who will be familiar with your case and will identify if you begin to decompensate and require a physician’s intervention earlier in the process.

Hours of Operation

Office: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Field: Monday through Saturday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Service Area

We serve the entire Las Vegas Valley including; Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Boulder City, North Las Vegas and unincorporated areas of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area.


We provide all forms of home-based nursing including:

The above services come with all of the required nursing and therapy services ordered by your physician including: Enteral Feedings, Glucose monitoring, Injections, Medication teaching, Foley catheter maintenance, Post-surgical care, and care for chronic medical conditions.

Covered Insurances

Medicare, Medicaid
Medicare Supplements


Post Acute Network Physicians
Transitional Care Physicians

Coming Soon

Pediatric Services



We are here for you! If you have any questions just send us a message!

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